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Open Submissions!

We are now taking submissions for Volume 2 of From Bellingham With Love! 

Please send a max of 3 poems to frombellinghamwithlove@gmail.com along with a 2-3 sentence bio and your contact info. We accept all kinds of poetry — no matter how weird or inappropriate. Send away!

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From Bellingham With Love - A collection of poetry by authors who either live in or have been associated with Bellingham, WA. 

They are $5 (plus shipping if you don’t live in Bellingham) 

Hit me up if ya’ want a copy! You can also purchase it online.


Below is a list of the authors and their blogs:

Nicholas Thacker

Clair Smith  

Kyle Montaghami

Morgan Paris Lanza

Charlie Lynn

Grace Blum

Nick Emard

Lauren Beall

Erica Reed

Kevin Gwozdz

Taylor Hasson

Rachele Mosley

Kale Hicks

Matt Carodoza

Kyle Bates

Zach Moujaes

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